Markbook Online

Multi-user, multi-device markbook.

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Local network based markbook solution.

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SM-Reports Online

Online reporting software for convenience.

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Timetabling with click and drag ease of use.

Powerful, but easy to use timetable system


Do you wish that your school timetable could be easily accessed by staff? With a simple interface that can be learnt in minutes? Or do you want complete control over your timetable without depending on the service (with the associated on-going costs) of a timetabling company? SM-Timetable helps you create and maintain a timetable with any combination of periods and any daily cycle.

If you are using SM-Marks or SM-Reports you will save time and effort by using SM-Timetable. With it you can forget about hours wasted with the export, import shuffle. SM-Timetable directly generates markbooks for SM-Marks and data for SM-Reports – completely compatible and error free.

Using a robust, zero maintenance TCP/IP database engine and designed specifically for modern versions of Windows allows this powerful system to be delivered at a very low cost. Forget about other timetable systems that are creaky translations of old systems, SM-Timetable is the timetable system for now and the future.

Below are some of the key features of SM-Timetable

There is more to SM-Timetable than just a table with many ticks, there are screen images, but the best way to find out what it can do is to download the trial and see for yourself. It's free.

Works with Microsoft Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP
Unlimited number of users
Can be networked and used by multiple users
Can publish timetables to HTML for web browser
Number of students > 5000
Number of teachers > 500
Number of classes > 1000
Number of courses > 2000
Number of years > 20
Compatible with SM-Marks
Compatible with SM-Reports
Length of timetable cycle 1 to 31 days
Variable number of periods per day
Arbitrary period lengths
Exclusive meter indicates "health" of the timetable
"Right now, where is" student feature
Generate ad hoc timetables for casual staff
Generate a list of students with free periods
Generate customised paper based forms with timetable data
Store student personal details
Store student photograph
Doesn't require an expensive training course to understand
Unlimited undo
Export to Excel
Database can run as a Windows Service
Database uses TCP/IP for reliable networking
Site Licence $880 (includes GST)
Free technical support via Email or Facsimile

Try it now!
Install and use SM-Timetable for free for 90 days

Below are links for SM-Timetable for Windows that you can freely use and evaluate without obligation.

SM-Timetable for Windows (2 MBytes)

Tips, passwords and installation instructions for SM-Timetable.

Pricing and Ordering
A Site License for SM-Timetable is available to schools as licensed downloadable file

The cost of the SM-Timetable Site License covers all teachers at a site or campus with between 30 to 120 staff at the site.

A Site License is $880 (price include GST).

To order a Site License we require a School Order Form (which you can email or fax) with an order number we can quote on the invoice for payment by cheque or EFT on terms of 30 days.
An invoice will then be emailed to the school with details of a website address where you can download a fully licensed copy of SM-Timetable. This is usually the next business day.