Markbook Online

Multi-user, multi-device markbook.

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Local network based markbook solution.


SM-Reports Online

Online reporting software for convenience.

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Local area markbook software of choice


Do you need a fast and convenient markbook program? SM-Marks is the markbook application that takes the hard work out of recording student results and doing calculations on the marks.

Using SM-Marks saves you time and effort, and the results are accurate too. No need to worry about setting up a spreadsheet like Excel, with SM-Marks all the calculations you need are built-in and ready to go.

When it's time to print the results you can use the flexible print commands that include: tables, lists, statistics and charts. SM-Marks prints out class roll sheets too! If you are not using dedicated markbook/gradebook software you may be wasting your time, and if you do have a markbook are you satisfied with it?

if you prefer a markbook that is not limited to the PC, please see our Markbook Online that works on mobile and tablet devices as well as the desktop. Markbook Online also allows multi-user access to the markbook data so teachers can work on the same markbook at the same time.

Below are some of the key features of SM-Marks

There is more to SM-Marks than just a table with many ticks, there are screen images, but the best way to find out what it can do is to download the trial and see for yourself. It's free.

Works with Microsoft Windows Windows 7 to 11
Can be shared from network drive
Can be run from local drive
Can run from USB Flash drive
Number of columns per markbook 200
Import from DET E.R.N.
Import from Motorised Markbook
Compatible with SM-Reports
Compatible with SM-Timetable
Number of significant figures stored 8
Number of decimal points displayed 0 to 4
Move students between classes
Move and change columns widths
Sort students by name
Sort students by result
Estimate results from past performance
Store course outcomes
Calculate levels of achievement
Prepare report comments
Spell checking
Print tables
Print graphs
Password protect individual markbooks
Lock data to prevent alterations
Site Licence per platform $770 (includes GST)
Free technical support via Email

Try it Now!
Install and use SM-Marks for free for 30 days

Below is the link for SM-Marks for Windows that you can freely use and evaluate without obligation.

SM-Marks for Windows (2 MBytes)

Tips, passwords and installation instructions for SM-Marks for Windows.

Pricing and Ordering
A Site License for SM-Marks is available to schools as a licensed downloadable file

The cost of the SM-Marks Site License is per platform and covers all teachers at a site or campus with between 30 to 120 staff at the site. The License allows teachers to additionally install a copy at home or on a personal laptop they may use.

A Site License is $770 which includes GST.

To order a Site License we require a School Order Form which you can email with an order number we can quote on the invoice for payment by cheque or EFT on terms of 30 days. An invoice will then be emailed to the school with details of a website address where you can download a fully licensed copy of SM-Marks. This is usually the next business day.